My Neighbor and Me – WisDumb Podcast – Ep. 2 The Battle of the Devices – Bonus Video

WisDumb Podcast
Episode 2: The Battle of the Devices Bonus Video
Date: 06/30/2018

***Music: “Overwhelming Dreams” by Plastik Glasses ©2009

Co-Host, Kelly answers questions from his neighbor, Matt Ligman, about what devices and software to use in order to start a video series on triathlon training. (Follow Matt on Instagram @lifetri)
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Out of Grey Medley – KMKanDrum – Friday Rewind Ep. 21

WisDumb Podcast Presents ‘KMKanDrum’
Episode 21
Date: 6/29/2018

Band: Out of Grey
Song 1 – Breathe
Song 2 – Get Out

Look for the Special Surprise during song #2!

Thank you for watching!

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